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You must not add more than one order per service ID until it has been completed, we cannot cancel orders which have been placed more than once. You agree to this when ordering.

in the field Type — select the type of services from the dropdown list.
in the field Link — fill the link to the page in the format.
in the field Quantity — fill the needed quantity of likes/followers/any other.


Warning : For orders do not put same link at a same time in same services or different services until that order fully completed or canceled. example If you put order for same profile at same time then it will count one order, you can't get followers for both orders.

What is the average time for completion on orders?

All orders should complete in 24 hours. However please allow up to 72 hours for all services. Speed depends on the server load and this can vary.

Will I be refunded for drop followers or likes?

No. Followers/Likes/Comments/Views/Tweets/Re-Tweets may drop. This is because of the updates that Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Youtube carry out.

Please Note: some of the updates can wipe out the whole entire database of followers. It could wipe off all followers from accounts given, and for this, we cannot fund any refunds/refills. You are entitled to no refunds for the payments.

Can I cancel an order that I placed?

In some cases, some orders can be cancelled. However, on most servers, it will require a 24 hour notice to cancel the order.
All users must be on public before the order is placed until the order is finished. If the user is on private, you will not get refunds.



If for any reason, you create a case against us on Paypal, we reserve the right to withdraw your account from our system, including the balance. We also reserve the right to withdraw all followers/likes/views that you have processed through your account. Please, if you have any problem, Contact us by creating a ticket


What is Partially completed status?

If status Partially completed it means system can't give more likes/followers to current page and money automatically refunded for the remainder of likes/followers.


65292panel.com's API (application programming interface) is used to automatically place orders through your account just by calling a simple URL on our server. Our API is mainly used for automation increasing efficiency between 65292panel, our clients and resellers. By integrating our API into your website/application you will be able to automatically add/check/refill orders. This method uses a unique Private Key Authentication system between the server and the request. This key must not be shared and kept private. If for any reason your Private Key is compromised you should contact us immediately.

If you're using our API it’s your responsibility that any orders made through your API key are correct, we will not refund if any mistaken orders are placed that you/your code made.

We have the right to refuse orders or disable any API Key if we detect unusual activity such as  bugged calls/attempted exploits, spamming our server or any 3rd party errors without notifying you or your representative.

API Examples
Check Balance:


Place an order:


Check an order:


How do I get support?

Submit a ticket (Click Here)

Email: 65292panel@gmail.com


Prime Support Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm - Out of hours are slow to support.
Saturday - Sunday: Multiple points of the day (limited)

Extra FAQ - https://pastebin.com/vChFbpub


Ticket Support is fastest.